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Destiny: Iron Banner 28th April Full Guide

So from this moment Iron Banner is back for the week! Here's a quick rundown of the items available this time around from Lord Saladin, from the playlist drops, the best reforge combinations, as well as some tips and tricks that'll help you get to Rank 5 in no time.

Lord Saladin Vendor Items

The Iron Banner shader, emblem, class items
Rank 1:

You'll be able to buy the emblem Sigil of the Iron Lords which increases Iron Banner reputation by 10% and is multiplicative with the Tempered Buff, class item and shader. This costs 1000 glimmer.

Rank 2:

For 1000 glimmer you can buy the Million Million shader which increases Iron Banner reputation gains by 10% and is multiplicative with the emblem, Tempered Buff and class item. You can also buy the Scar of Radegast emblem for 3000 glimmer which provides the same bonuses as the rank 1 emblem.

Rank 3:

For 9950 glimmer players will be able to buy their respective class' chest piece item which goes to the maximum light level. Saladin offers two variants of the chest piece for each class: one with Intellect and Strength, the other with Intellect and Discipline.

Rank 4:

For 9950 glimmer players will be able to buy their respective class' helmet which goes to the maximum light level. The helmet has not been available before so check out how they look below! Saladin offers two variants of the helmet for each class: one with Intellect and Strength, the other with Intellect and Discipline. For 11500 glimmer, players will be able to purchase the special weapon: Erfideet's Spear (sniper rifle). You can also now purchase each class' respective class item which increases Iron Banner reputation gains by 10% and is multiplicative with Tempered Buff, emblem and shader.

Rank 5:

For 11500 glimmer, players will be able to purchase the primary weapon: Timur's Lash (handcannon). In addition you can buy the Goldspiral shader which provides the same bonuses as the Rank 2 shader.
Titan helm

Hunter helm

Warlock helm

Birth of History

Playlist Drops

Once rank 3 or above, the player can receive legendary drops Iron Banner related drops from the playlist reward section. This includes the weapons from the previous Iron Banner which Lord Saladin was selling: Jolder's Hammer (machine-gun) and Slimar's Wrath (auto-rifle) which will now drop in the current edition as a playlist reward.

The iron banner ship drops include Birth of History and Smokehouse Six.

The regular crucible drops are also available.
Smokehouse Six


Here I'll highlight the ideal perk permutations that reforging will get you. I'll focus on PvP rolls and not PvE rolls though all of these combinations are very viable for both.

Slimar's Wrath - Not a great weapon to use so don't waste motes on it, but even then the best perks to aim for are Red Dot-ORS/ Reactive Reload/ Perfect Balance/ Glass Half Full. Faster reloads, more stability and bonus damage are what we're aiming for.

Timur's Lash - Highest impact handcannon. Aim for Suresight IS/ Outlaw/ Field Scout/ Crowd Control. These 3 perks combined enable fast reloads, plenty of ammo in the reserve, and bonus damage which help attain multi-kills.

Jolder's Hammer - Amazing high impact, low RoF machine gun. Aim for Aggressive Ballistics/ Persistence or Rodeo or Counterbalance/ Field Scout/ Crowd Control. The first column's perk isn't as important, but field scout and crowd control for PvP are a must so if you get those two you can stop reforging. Aim for the element you need!

Erfideet's Spear - Amazing high impact sniper rifle. Aim for Ambush Scope/ Spray and Play/ Snapshot or Field Scout/ Final Round. Currently final round is glitched and can activate from any shot though it is guaranteed to activate on the final one. So in this scenario, field scout works well and with the new ammo changes it's arguable that field scout is the better perk to have than snapshot. Conversely, snapshot has enabled me to attain a lot of kills I would not have otherwise gotten due to fast aiming down the sight in tight scenarios. Spray and play makes reloads insanely fast and with a 3 bullet magazine this is vital. Final round is the key perk for PvP as it changes a body shot into a one hit kill.
This weapon is probably the only one where PvE perks vary drastically; you definitely want to try and achieve Surplus, Field Scout and Firefly with a Void roll due to the lack of high impact void sniper availability.

Tips and Tricks

Remember pick up the Iron Banner bounties every single day as they reward 100 reputation each and to apply the Tempered Buff each day. Bounties also receive the same reputation bonuses so make sure you have tempered buff and items equipped while handing these in. Nightfall reputation bonuses do NOT stack. If you're going to grind a few days for the reputation, the latter days are much better due to the Tempered Buff becoming more and more each day as the Iron Banner progresses. 

DayTempered REP % Increase (No items)Tempered REP % Increase (All items)Tempered REP AmountWin REP Amount with Buff and Items

You get a medallion when you lose and you can carry 5 of these. As soon as you win, these are cashed in for 80% of win reputation per medallion. Again reputation bonuses from items and buffs apply.

When playing IB, it's the control play-style and so holding 2 bases is much higher priority than most other tasks in nearly all scenarios. If you are holding 2 bases do NOT, unless your team is confident, try and cap the opponents remaining base as this will switch the spawn points and cause mayhem and you to lose your captured bases. 

Creating a pre-made team who can communicate gives a huge advantage. Use DestinyLFG or Reddit Fireteams for that. I find that having one defender titan to capture the middle base makes a tremendous difference.

The black bars next to "Hostile" and "Rezne" indicate they
are in the same party
Another tip is that you can check if your opponent's team is a premade or not and prepare accordingly. By going to the roster menu and seeing the "game" column on the right, people in the same fireteam will have a black bar to the right of their emblem. If all 6 of your opponents have a black bar next to them you are against a premade. It's best to do this when you are flying in to the next game. In the image shown to the right only two people are in the same party.

Some of the hottest primary weapons in PvP right now are Thorn, The Last Word, Red Death, Vex Mythoclast and Hawkmoon. Universal Remote isn't too bad either with a blink build since the special ammo nerf. Most high impact legendary pulse rifles, scout rifles and hand cannons are also a decent substitute if you do not have an exotic. Especially Praedyth's Timepiece, Vision of Confluence and Timur's Lash.

Any high impact Final Round Sniper (eg LDR) or shotgun with Shot Package and/or Hammerforged, especially Felwinter's Lie, is great for the special weapon slot. Personally, not a huge fan of any fusion rifle. Again, I use a legendary in this slot so I can use one of the exotic primaries above. Unless you're using Invective or Pocket Infinity I don't recommend using an exotic in the special weapon slot. 

For the heavy weapon slot I prefer using a legendary machine gun, ideally a low RoF high impact one such as Against All Odds, Jolder's Hammer, Swarm. If you prefer using rocket launchers, which I don't recommend as you tend to get much more kills with machine guns, then any tracking launcher is great. If you want to use your exotic here, then Thunderlord, Gjallarjorn or the Truth are all viable options.

Remember, Iron Banner isn't about the number of kills. It's about maximising the points you get from your kills. Play for the team, not for yourself and try to hold 2 bases. Many a time, as a team, I've finished with less kills than the opposition but emerged the victor. 

Thanks guys, that's everything for this post! Hope it helped!

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