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Destiny: HoW Trials of Osiris and Crucible 29th April Reveal

So in continuation from last week's reveal, Bungie revealed a new aspect of their PvP that they will be offering with House of Wolves: Trials of Osiris. If you missed the stream you can watch it above. Here I'll be outlining all the main features and how the mechanics of loot acquisition and general gameplay work in this new game mode. There's also some general crucible changes they mentioned that I shall cover. Remember, click to enlarge any of the images! 

Trials of Osiris

Trials of Osiris (ToO) is a 3v3 Player-versus-Player gameplay mode that will be able with House of Wolves. Contrary to initial expectation it's a weekly event that features a new game mode called Elimination. ToO opens every Friday 10am PDT and closes each weekly reset.

Elimination is a mode where every kill matters. Players cannot respawn and if they are to come back into action, then they must be revived by another teammate. As a result the Warlock's Fireborn ability becomes more useful in PvP. Once all the members of a single team are down, the round ends and the opposition gains a point.  If a round lasts for over 2 minutes, then the Sudden Death mode will activate where a control point will appear in the centre of the map. The first team to cap it wins, but if nobody can cap it within 20 seconds the closest team to the pin will win. First team to five points wins.
The New Armour and Weapons
Every weekend the map changes, but for the duration of one ToO event all games will be played on the same map. The first map that will be played upon release of HoW will be Burning Shrine and the rest of the weeks is under wraps as a surprise. Whether these will include the new PvP maps released, which I will mention later, is yet to be known. 

ToO will have no matchmaking teammates as Bungie emphasises communication within this game mode. On the subject of matchmaking, opponents will be decided based on connectivity and not skill. Level advantages will also be enabled within this mode just like Iron Banner. If you quit or disconnect, this will count as a loss within this game mode.

Trials Passage
To enter the Trials of Osiris, one must have the Trials Passage item which is placed within the Missions slot and records win and lose history. The aim is to get to 9 wins within a single weekend without losing 3 times. The Trials Passage item can be discarded and bought unlimited times during the weekend and so you can start afresh any time you want. And guess what? It only costs 100 glimmer to buy a Trials Passage item from Brother Vance, the ToO vendor! Different amounts of wins unlocks differing tiers of rewards with tier 8 unlocking the highest tier.

The Summoner
At two wins you'll unlock Stone tier where you can receive Motes of Light and Passage Coins, a new currency allowing you to buy ToO-related consumables which forgive a loss (Mercy of Osiris), make your first win count as two (Boon of Osiris), or allow you to start with a win (Favor of Osiris). The next tier is Bronze tier with similar rewards. Five wins allows you to buy the first piece of armour available while six wins awards you with a Silver
Tier passes
package which is of legendary status again awarding ToO related items. Seven wins unlocks the weapon for that week, one of the items is an assault rifle named the Summoner. Eight wins was the G
old tier package with its contents not being disclosed by Bungie, though it's confirmed it won't contain ToO gear or exotics. Now for the keen eyed of you, you'll notice there are a maximum of 9 wins on the Trails Passage card; the 9th win is rumoured to be a part of the Fate of Fools exotic weapon quest line though it may have its own vendor rewards as well upon release.

Watcher's Grips
Moving on to gear. There will be two sets of ToO gear! One which drops at lvl 32 light randomly from playing the game mode (Watcher's Set) while the other is obtained solely from Brother Vance (Exile Set) as the tier rewards mentioned. The Exile set will already be at a maximum light level of 34 and so will not require ascension. As mentioned, there will be a single weapon on sale per week available at Tier 7 and a single piece of armour available at Tier 5. These will rotate weekly in a non-RNG manner.

Hood of the Exile

Crucible Overhaul

A lot of the complaints about Crucible have been that rewards plainly sucked in comparison to the Player-versus-Environment game modes. Bungie have listened and they've doubled the marks from three to six across the board as well as doubling reputation and experience per match. They've also promised more loot with Lars Bakken, the Crucible designer saying "We've doubled that stream period so you're going to see a lot more blues dropping at the end. On top of that we've added purple. I believe there are 12 new legendaries that will drop. Not only that, but we're also allowing you to get etheric light." Bungie also confirmed etheric light, required for item ascension, will also be obtained once upon reaching rank 3 and 5 of Iron banner! A way of rewarding player effort and not solely relying on RNG! Moreover, Bungie has confirmed that the number one rank player in each crucible match will have a higher chance of rewards which finally favours player achievement over pure RNG.

Elimination will be available as a stand-alone playlist within crucible and the PvP maps that were available with The Dark Below will now be available to all players regardless of what DLC you have bought!

Bungie has also confirmed four new multiplayer maps with the new expansion, with one being Playstation exclusive:

1) The Thieves' Den located Ishtar Sink, Venus: "The Thieves' Den is a fairly large symmetrical map with precarious drops that offer alternate routes for those willing the fall."
The Thieves' Den

2) Widow's Court located European Dead Zone, Earth: "Widow's Court is an asymmetrical map with both long sightlines and cramped interiors, supporting short and range strategies."
Widow's Court

3) Black Shield located Firebase Thuria , Phobos: "Black Shield is a symmetrical map with multiple chokepoints and an interior middle ground to hold leading to frenetic encounters".
Black Shield
4) Time Keeper: The PS exclusive map located in Mars revolving around the Vex. With the embargo being lifted by Bungie, early access players have gotten their hands on these maps and already have videos of gameplay located below.

That's everything guys, let me know what you think of all these massive PvP changes! If you haven't read the previous reveal about the Reef and Item Upgrades, then be sure to do so! Make certain to tune in same time next week for the next reveal!

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