Monday, 27 April 2015

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Reveal Highlights Change In Franchise

The Call of Duty franchise is heading towards a radical change with its transition towards more Halo-like game mechanics and a futuristic setup. The story follows on from Black Ops II, set around 35 years later. As usual, I'm going to give a quick run down of the major changes coming with the latest instalment. And trust me, the changes are among the largest I've seen in the history of the franchise.

Multiplayer Changes

Easily the largest change is the incorporation of Specialists by Treyarch. Basically you get to choose between nine distinct character classes, each with their own unique weapons and powers. No longer are you a generic soldier. So far four classes, each with their own unique backstory, have been revealed:

1) Ruin's weapons are Gravity Spikes which allow him to create a shockwave style area of effect attack. He also has the Overdrive ability which permits him to gain a boost to movement speed.
2) Seraph's weapon is the Annihilator, a penetrating OHKO revolver. Her ability is Combat Focus which triggers multiplier bonuses to score streak points.
3) Outrider's weapon is the Sparrow, a bow with explosive shots. Her ability is known as Vision Pulse which allows her to visualise enemies through walls and tag them on the minimal.
4) Reaper is a robot whose weapon is the Scythe, a mini gun. Glitch allows it to reverse time to a few seconds before, Prince of Persia much?

Zombies will also make a return with Black Ops III with a 'full XP progression system' without sacrificing the simplicity of the gameplay.

Movement Changes

Another massive change is the transition to more fluid-like movement mechanics. In multiplayer, players can sprint for an unlimited amount of time, use a special jump known as thrust-jump, wall run, power slide and even engage in combat underwater. Some of the more special abilities however will be governed by a stamina meter to limit usage. Treyarch has said that players will be able to fire weapons, "guns up", throughout all these manoeuvres. Cannot wait to see these running wall kills and chaining many of these movements together.

The Gunsmith

A new layer of weapon personalisation is being added with Black Ops III; the gunsmith will be able to modify up to five attachments, optics, custom paint-jobs and camo-skins. So weapons will be fully customised in terms of gameplay (barrel, clip, stock, suppressor, reticule etc) as well as aesthetics. Treyarch has promised up to 64 layers of decor on each side of the gun.

Campaign Changes

The campaign is set in 2060 roughly 35 years from its predecessor. The biggest change here is up to four-player co-operative gameplay is available throughout the entire campaign. To facilitate this huge change story-mode maps will also be much larger. Cybernetic modifications will allow the player to perform new feats such as remote hacking and chaining melee strikes.

What do you think of these tremendous changes? Is it about time the CoD franchise developed into something fresh or will it be too radically different? Comment below!

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  1. The moment I saw it I knew that Call of Duty: Black Ops III would be one of the candidates for game of the year. Since it came out I have played almost 100 hours (which is a lot for me) and have really enjoyed all of it. If you are curious how it looks like you can check out some gameplay here I can tell you that this game is totally worth it.